Om mig

I started as a writer 1996 and accidently stumbled into painting 2005. 2011 I bought my first SLR camera and I have been addicted ever since. I like to document the world around me and then paint the feeling of it.

CV (cultural)

- I am a proud member of the Novellmästarna Society

- I have had solo exhibitions since 2005, read more under the Exhibitions tab.

- I am autodidact and have no art schools or educations to brag about or lean against.

- I have been working as a radiohost in a morning show

as a co-host in a TV show for cableTV.

- I´ve held courses in writing short stories, novels, biographies and causeries and worked as a teacher in Swedish For Immigrants.

- I also visited many schools as a leader of Creative Swedish with mainly students that had Swedish as their second language.

- I have educated staff in Huddinge town hall to read out loud and talk in front of an audience.

When I create I feel alive in all senses and it feels like I enter another dimension - a place where the time doesn´t exist. I believe that life is more and greater than just living here on Earth and in my paintings, I often try to express my faith in energy such as light as a unifying factor for everyone and everything.

Time stops when I paint, take pictures or write and I feel really happy when being in this bubble of creativity.

Name: Niki Loong

Born in: 1951

Living in: Ystad, Sweden

Studio: Ystad, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 4008158

Mailaddress: herself @

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Don´t fill your life with days, fill your days with life.